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  1. Articles

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    ... Parenting. Skywrighter, Wright Patterson Air Force Base Wingman’s Corner Columnist 2009-2010 Promise Magazine, Cincinnati Ohio
 Columnist, bi-monthly 2006-2008 Natural Living Healthy Living Magazine, ...
    Saturday, 04 February 2012
  2. Astrology & You Interview

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    Carmen Turner-Schott MSW, LISW with Astrology-Awareness is interviewed by "Ponsi's Foreverwell Health & Wellness Network".  Astrology and You. su5s5Z6BaVc yvKfVoXIv9U MXxgpOagDHI
    Tuesday, 04 May 2010
  3. About Astrology Awareness

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    ... Social Worker, Board Certified, State of Ohio Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified, State of Virginia Master of Social Worker, M.S.W., Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri (1999) ...
    Sunday, 24 January 2010
  4. Press and Clippings

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    ... some debate Cincinnati CityBeat Article: Road to Wellness Series - January 2007 Carmen was featured in the Cincinnati, Ohio city newspaper "CityBeat" in January/February 2007. Carmen and the Astrological ...
    Sunday, 24 January 2010
  5. Planet Articles

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    ...  time to rearrange your career or lay the foundation for a new one. >> To continue reading, check out my Blog. Transiting Pluto in the Fourth House: I'm Moving to Ohio I often ...
    Saturday, 23 January 2010
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